Supply for all your freight needs

  • Largest supply network
  • Pan India coverage
  • 365 days a year :
    No matter if there is a peak season or lean

I was unable to find vehicles for some routes during past Diwali season. RIVIGO helped me close deals on all routes even during a peak season. Thank you RIVIGO


- Future Trucks

Breaking in price cartels

  • Gives best price for your routes in less than 30 seconds
  • No need to check for best price from multiple brokers
  • One solution to get best prices on all India routes

I don't have to call 10 people on each route to get lowest rates. With RIVIGO I get best prices on any route immediately.


- Om Logistics

Being the most reliable partner

  • Never fail to place vehicles
  • Always on-time placement
  • 24X7 customer service desk

They hey have never failed.
I am 100% satisfied as RIVIGO assures placement on all my deals


- Express Roadways